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CodeWarrior Wire Tap

Discussion created by Cory Kuffner on Jun 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2006 by Kenneth Cecka
We are currently using Fedora Core 3 and the Linux hosted CW PPC ISA Platform edition for the mpc8272ADS and have performed all updates for the USB Tap.  We are unable to get the USB Tap to work, the run/pause and Tx/Rx lights flash all different colors when we try a flash blank check or try to load a module, but we always have an error about the wrong JTAG clock speed and there is nothing else we can change to fix this (as far as we know), we have tried all the different speed settings and none of them work. 
After banging our heads for weeks now, we want to try and use the Wire Tap that came with codewarrior instead, but under the CCS remote connections menu, only USB Tap and PowerTap Pro are available options.  I was hoping someone would be able to inform me on how to set this up, perhaps you have to do it using a port number or something?
Any help on this subject is greatly appreciated.
Thank You in advance for any help