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Problem in programming FLASH with Do_On_Stack routine

Discussion created by Guillaume MENANT on Jun 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2006 by Sten Siren

I'm using the MC9S12E128 part.

I'm using the Freescale LRAE (flash bootloader allowing to load a program in RAM) to load a bootloader in the RAM. My bootloader have then to erase FLASH and write a progream into it.

I've used the AN2720 and AN2153 to do this. I'm using the AN2720SW (flash.c and Do_On_Stack.asm) to erase/write to flash. But i've a problem because my program blocks in the Do_On_Stack routine. Moreover, because of my bootloader in RAM, i can't use the BDM to make step-by-step.

Do you know why my program can block in the Do_On_Stack routine ?

;* DESCRIPTION: S12 Flash Asm Routines
;* SOURCE: Do_On_Stach.asm
;* COPYRIGHT: © 04/2004 Made in the USA
;* AUTHOR: rat579
;* REV. HISTORY: 060304 - fixed CCR return value and optimized
;* in SpSub routine
; Local defines

xdef DoOnStack
;* DoOnStack - copy SpSub onto stack and call it (see also SpSub)
;* De-allocates the stack space used by SpSub after returning from it.
;* Allows final steps in a flash prog/erase command to execute out
;* of RAM (on stack) while flash is out of the memory map
;* This routine can be used for flash word-program or erase commands
;* Calling Convention:
;* jsr DoOnStack
;* Uses 32 bytes on stack + 3 bytes if Call instruction used
pshb ;save B - PPAGE
ldx #SpSubEnd-2 ;point at last word to move to stack
SpmoveLoop: ldd 2,x- ;read from flash
pshd ;move onto stack
cpx #SpSub-2 ;past end?
bne SpmoveLoop ;loop till whole sub on stack
tfr sp,x ;point to sub on stack
ldaa #CBEIF ;preload mask to register command
call 0,x,00 ;execute the sub on the stack
leas SpSubEnd-SpSub,sp ;de-allocate space used by sub
pulb ;restore B
rtc ;to flash where DoOnStack was called
; assume banked calling function

;* SpSub - register flash command and wait for Flash CCIF
;* this subroutine is copied onto the stack before executing
;* because you can't execute out of flash while a flash command is
;* in progress (see DoOnStack to see how this is used)
;* Note: must be even # of bytes!
;* Uses 24 bytes on stack + 3 bytes for CALL above
EVEN ;Make code start word aliened
ldab SpSubEnd-SpSub+3,sp ;get PPAGE back from stack
stab PAGE_ADDR ;Store the PPAGE address
tfr ccr,b ;get copy of ccr
orcc #$10 ;disable interrupts
staa FSTAT ;[PwO] register command
nop ;[O] wait min 4~ from w cycle to r
nop ;[O]
nop ;[O]
brclr FSTAT,CCIF,* ;[rfPPP] wait for queued commands to finish
tfr b,ccr ;restore ccr and int condition
rtc ;back into DoOnStack in flash