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Problems in programming Flash

Discussion created by Marco Galli on Jun 14, 2006
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Hi... Can you help me?
I have still some problems in programming Flash memory.
I'm using Metrowerks Codewarriors and the HCS12 CPU (the devise is the MC9S12A256BCFU with 256K of banked flash memory).
I have to program the flash memory (for the Bootloader) and I'm writing in C.
The function that I use is:

void ProgramWord( int page, int block, unsigned int prg_address, unsigned int value)

{ unsigned int* address=(unsigned int*)prg_address;








   while ( FSTAT_CBEIF==0 );






    __asm   nop;

    __asm   nop;

    __asm   nop;

    __asm   nop;

    __asm   nop;

     if ( FSTAT_ACCERR==1 || FSTAT_PVIOL==1 )       flash_errors++;


Thank you for your help......  

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