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can CodeWarrior read S19 files for programming?

Question asked by Ron Wilson on Jun 13, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by CrasyCat
Currently using a P&E Multilink 12 USB directly with CodeWarrior.

The development module from our client *had* calibrations in it, byt I accidently erased them. The client can give us an S19 file, but we do not have any way to program the S12X other than via CodeWarrior.

I am unable to find anyway that CW can read the S19 file and program it into the S12X.

The only other software I have found is P&E's PROGR12Z program, but that will cost us extra moeny the client is unwilling to reimburse us for.

The only remaining alternative is to wait for the client to send us another module.

Is there a way to get CodeWarrior to read and program from the S19 file?

Is there another (low cost) solution?