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M5484 LITE : Downloading .elf file to boot flash

Discussion created by Rupa BR on Jun 13, 2006
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Hello All,


I am working with the Zoom Coldfire Developmental kit-m5484 LITE. The boot flash size on the kit is 4 MB including bBug loader and Logic Loader.
I have downloaded Linix BSP and Toolchain from I have built the image from Fedora 4 as per the instruction given in the manual.
The final image.elf is of size 4.3 MB but the boot flash on the board is of 4 MB including dBug loader and Logic Loader.
When i tried to download the file into the board from Tera term, i got load failed #1 errno 110>.
Please kindly suggest me. How can i come out of this problem?


Thanks and Regards
Rupa. BR