Frank Dietrich

K60 + TWR MEM + MQX 3.7 problems accessing MRAM

Discussion created by Frank Dietrich on Aug 27, 2011


I am using the tower development system and MQX 3.7 with CW10. I have a tower development system with the K60 board, TWR MEM and TWR SER installed. My TWR MEM is revision D and has already Jumper 16 installed, allowing the disconnect of the IrDA receive line (R14, C2).

I recompiled MQX BSP with MRAM enabled and can see that the low-level initialization functions at startup are called. When I run my application and open the memory browser and look at address 0x70000000 and above I see the memory pattern 0xBABABABA. I cant change the memory patterns.

Did someone already use MRAM in conjunction with the K60 board and MQX3.7 in CW10. Any help or example project would be appreciated.


Thank you - Frank