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Problem with loading code to Flash w/P&E MULTILINK

Discussion created by kent ji on Jun 8, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2006 by kent ji
I use CW12V3.1 w/P&E MULTILINK on 9S12E64 (4MHZ oscillator). Code is not able to be loaded to the Flash. (Memory model is selected as banked). Please anyone help this out..
Memory Map information on command window:

Memory Map for MC9S12E64 derivative, MCUID=3E3
Internal Registers 00000000..0000027F
Memory Addresses

REGISTERS 00000000..000003FF (enabled)
RAM 00005800..000077FF (enabled)
FLASH 00004000..00007FFF (disabled)
FLASH 0000C000..0000FFFF (disabled)
FLASH 00008000..0000BFFF (disabled)
FLASH 00388000..0038BFFF (disabled)
FLASH 00398000..0039BFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003A8000..003ABFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003B8000..003BBFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003C8000..003CBFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003D8000..003DBFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003E8000..003EBFFF (disabled)
FLASH 003F8000..003FBFFF (disabled)
.PRM file shows:     
      RAM  =  READ_WRITE                0x00002000 TO 0x00003FFF;
      ROM_C000  =  READ_ONLY            0x0000C000 TO 0x0000FF7F;
      ROM_4000  =  READ_ONLY            0x00004000 TO 0x00007FFF;
      ROM_PAGE3C  =  READ_ONLY          0x003C8000 TO 0x003CBFFF;
      ROM_PAGE3D  =  READ_ONLY          0x003D8000 TO 0x003DBFFF;
      ROM_PAGE3E  =  READ_WRITE         0x003E8000 TO 0x003EBFFF;
      ROM_PAGE3F  =  READ_WRITE         0x003F8000 TO 0x003FBFFF;