Lucas Cavalheiro

Issue with new FSLBOT touch sensor

Discussion created by Lucas Cavalheiro on Jul 29, 2011

Hi guys!

I just got myself a FSLBOT and I will be here trying to share and help out on everything I can.

To start it out, I have an issue already with the capacitive touch sensor. I set up my FSLBOT and ran the demo application #4 from RobotSee. All the capacitive pads work fine but 2 of them on the left side of the robot (left side if you are facing it). I think these 2 are the last pads cause if you check on the terminal when you touch them you can see some values, and it goes until 512. I think these 2 pads would be the ones with numbers 1024 and 2048 or something similar. Well, bottom line is that I have 2 pads that are not working. My board is REVISION-C.

Do any of you guys have the same problem, or have any idea of what that could be? Cause if this is some malfunction I have to change the product.

Thanks a lot guys!




Lucas C. Cavalheiro