CW + HCS12 + assembly only = ??

Discussion created by GARY OLMSTEAD on Jun 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2006 by GARY OLMSTEAD
I am converting an old (OLD!) 100% assembly HC11 program to HCS12A32.  I don't have time to convert it to C, so I created a new CW project (assembly only, Softec debug), and added my code.  It appears to assemble OK, but the linker is giving me grief.  In theory, I shouldn't even need the linker, so I shut it off.  Trouble is, now I can't find anything that looks like an output file.  I'm not getting any error messages, but I'm also not getting any .s19, .map, .obj, .lst or anything else I recognize.  Can you supply any suggestions?
Gary Olmstead
Toucan Technology
Ventura CA