Ivan Ivan

Newbie Alert - Basic questions about the K60 Tower Modlue

Discussion created by Ivan Ivan on Jul 29, 2011

Hi there,

since I'm planning to develop some Software using the KT60 Tower module using OSX, there are still some questions I have.


1. using eclipse:

I think, it should be possible to use Eclipse for development. Freescale provides a Software demo using FreeRTOS and a tiny webserver. This package seems to include all required header files for the Tower layout. Combined with YAGARTO i should be able to produce some vaild binaries using open Source tools only.


2. debugging and flashing:

the USB port seems to be a OSJTAG device, didn't get that completly. Some wierd stuff about a windows driver required, wich also can run under linux using windriver. Windriver USB is of course not availible for OSX. I didn't understand, how to connect the gnu debugger to the USB osjtag using some software/drivers that are availibel for osx. Is there any chance or should I just get another debugger? usbprog seems to be fine.