MCF5235 Malloc()/Free() Failed 2

Discussion created by Arev on Jun 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2006 by Arev
I'm using malloc(), free() functions in a loop and my application crash down. When i try to free() memory allocated with malloc(), the memory is not freed and the next malloc() call use the next memory region until whole heap memory is used and application crash down.
When "alloc.c" file is included in my project, both malloc() and free() work well.
The project uses functions from "alloc.o" instead of "C_4i_CF_MSL.a(alloc.o)" or "C_4i_CF_StdABI_MSL.a(alloc.o)" depending on the linked library.
Is there any problem with Freescale libraries ??
Thanks for Help