Antonio Quevedo

Importing TWR-MECH CDC USB MQX project into CodeWarrior 10.1

Discussion created by Antonio Quevedo on Jul 15, 2011



I intend to make some modifications into the original code that comes shipped with the FSLBOT board. I found the MQX custom project in the FSLBOT downloads page, but this was made for Codewarrior 7.2, and I have to use Codewarrior 10.1 (Windows 7 64bit). I have no experience with MQX, and the same happens with CW10 (we have just upgraded the OS of our computers, and I am used to CW7).


My question is: Could anyone show me a step-by-step guide to import this custom MQX into CW10.1, and then to build the code and load it into the MCU FLASH? i have tried to do it myself, but I get stuck with config problems.


Thanks in advance