Randall Hinton

I2C AN2318 code to MC9S12DP256 w/ D-Bug12 wont connect

Discussion created by Randall Hinton on Jun 2, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2006 by Randall Hinton
I'd like to use codewarrior and download the code from freescale an2318sw (I2C) to my MC9S12DP256.
My connection to the board is with a RS232. The board has D-Bug12 v4.
Codewarrior will not connect to the board, using the HC12 Serial Monitor option.
Should I just get a P&E cable?

I also have a hunch that even if I could connect, the freescale flat ram prm file would not be compatible w/ dbug12 v4. Am I right? How can I get around this? Should I just get a P&E cable?

I am downloading code on rs232 and my program is using rs485, do I need to change the jumper (J23)?