Ray Koren

Problem with an error mesage popping up during run or debug.

Discussion created by Ray Koren on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2011 by Esaias Pech

Hi everyone;

I am using CW10.1SE and MQX3.7 with all patches and updates.

While trying to run or debug MQX example "Hello World" program, I got the error message Failed to resume target process, Unable to use plugin \"Cold Fire RTOS debugger"

\ no valid liccense key was found.

Under the MQX tab, in MQX Task Aware Plugin shows that the DLL not installed.


In a previous post I have read:

"You can use the SE CW for MQX. The only time you need CW Pro or standard is if your code size is too large or if you need 'Task Aware Debugging'

This is the same for all RTOSs. We only support TAD (aka Task Aware) in the high end tool. MQX, FreeRTOS, etc.. are all functional without TAD."


I have tried the work around in the eclipse file and the error still pops up.

My question is should one be able run and debug a program without TAD using CW10.1 SE with  MQX3.7 without getting an error message?