Antonio Quevedo

FSLBOT and RobotSee - Upgrade suggestions

Discussion created by Antonio Quevedo on Jul 1, 2011



I would like to suggest some upgrade suggestions for the FSLBOT firmware and the RobotSee FSLBOT library. As I intend to add some servos, and the MECH board supports up to 8 units, my suggestion is to add some commands in the firmware. Commands 05 to 08 are invalid ones, but they could be used to set the other 4 servo channels. Also, another command could be added to set these other 4 channels simultaneously. And maybe another command to set all 8 channels at once.


Of course, the RobotSee library (DLL) for the FSLBOT would have to be modified so the RobotSee language would have the "servo" command extended to all 8 channels instead of channels 0-3 only. And of course, it would have added the functions to setup channels 4-7 and/or 0-7 simultaneously.


I intend to add servos to the FSLBOT soon. Thus, if the source codes for FSLBOT firmware and the RobotSee DLL are open, I would volunteer myself to present these upgrades.


Any ideas?