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"Network cable unplugged" message stops Tower-K60N512 TCP/IP interface talking to TCP/IP port

Discussion created by Greg Schiemer on Jun 26, 2011
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Has anyone else had problems making the TCP/IP interface of the Tower-K60N512 talk to a TCP/IP port ?

I've connected my Tower-K60N512 to a 2nd TCP/IP port by adding a Realtek RTL8139 fast ethernet card, setting it up as a dedicated network i.e. with no Internet connection.

Using the Device Manager I installed the card with [1] Line Speed/Duplex Mode set to Auto Mode, [2] Network address set to, and [3] Receive Buffer Size set to 64K bytes.

Resource settings are [1] I/O Range C800-C8FF, [2] Memory Range FC8FFC00-FC8FFCFF, [3] IRQ 19 and shows no conflict with other devices. The Device Status also reports that the device is working properly with "PCI Slot 2 (PCI bus 1, device 7, function 0)".

I then set the Network Connection Properties to use [1] Client for Microsoft Networks, [2] Service Advertising Protocol, [3] File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, [4] QoS Packet Scheduler, and [5] Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). I also disabled the Firewall for this port as it is not on the Internet.

I've tried both obtaining an IP address automatically and using specific address settings [1] IP address:, [2] Sub-net mask: and [3] Default gateway:

Either way, the network status remains "Network cable unplugged" and I can't find documentation that gives me a complete list of TCP/IP settings the Tower-K60N512 requires - and yes, I checked, the cable was plugged in.

Anthony Huereca's TWR-K60N512 video demo - and I found this extremely helpful, thank you - mentions the "Quick Start Demo Software and Lab Guide" and at around 7 minutes 54 seconds even shows WRK60N512QSDLAB.pdf. I suspect this has the information I am looking for.


However under 'Featured Documentation' on the TWR-K60N512 website, this document is nowhere to be found. 'TWRK60N512QSDLAB: TWR-K60N512 Quick Start Demo Software and Lab Guide' contains, a folder with an executable but no TWRK60N512QSDLAB.pdf.

I welcome any help.


Greg Schiemer