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CodeWarrior making war

Discussion created by Joseph Stepien on May 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2006 by CompilerGuru
I'd have to say that at this point I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in the quality of the 32-bit CodeWarrior environment for the ColdFire processor.  It's apparently riddled with bugs that numerous exchanges with Technical Support via a Service Request haven't been able to answer.  Besides the debugger no longer being able to break (icon is perpetually greyed out after clicking the RUN icon), single step in a coherent manner, arrive at a breakpoint and display the code, it has now undergone another transformation.  I thought perhaps that the erratic stepping might have something to do with optimization of source code so I innocently turned the optimization settings down to the minimal level.  CW responded that it would have to recompile the code.  Ok, fair enough.  But when it recompiled the code it created a duplicate file of EVERY SINGLE .c FILE!  This is true of my Source files and the Support files.  I tried to undo it by returning to the former optimization settings but alas the duplicates remain.
I'm even more disappointed in the quality of the technical support.  The fact that CodeWarrior engineers don't seem to peruse this forum to provide timely and ACCURATE responses to either technical questions on a particular processor or the CW problems is even more upsetting than the 2-7 day turnaround time offered by submitting a service request.  Then, about all they can offer is a suggestion to "reinstall the software" or "I've never seen it do that before" or "it shouldn't be doing that." 
I guess it's all part of the mentality of just get something out there NOW and we'll worry about testing it thoroughly later.