Robert Lewis

9s12xDT512 will not program; P&E mulitlink USB V2.0

Discussion created by Robert Lewis on May 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2006 by michael rushton
We are using version V5.7 of CW which is supposted to support the 9s12x parts. We have a board that uses the 9s12DG128B with a Pierce oscillator which works perfectly.

We mounted a 9s12xDT512 on the board and it talks to the BDM but will not program the 9s12xDT512 part. Support suggested the part was bad so we changed it but the new part behaves exactly the same. We can write memory using NoICE, but CW will not write the memory. CW thinks the part is secured, but running the UnSecure program from P&E indicates the part is not secured.

I am beginning to think that this may be a P&E mulilink pod problem. I noted that some one else thought the pod might be a problem. NoICE does not support the programing algorithms yet for the 9s12x part but will in the future so we can't even check if the problem is CW. We only have the P&E prob.

Has anyone experience this sort of problem, and are there any work arounds?

Thanks in advance.

Bob Lewis