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Error in downloading program into Internal Flash of M5282EVB

Discussion created by Tarun Thomas Abraham on May 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2006 by Tarun Thomas Abraham
In the M5282EVB Evaluation Board, I need to execute a simple helloworld program by downloading to Internal Flash.
I compiled the program using the selection as M5282EVB Internal ROM.
Modified the M5282EVB_INT_ROM.lcf,
Modified TEXT (RX) : ORIGIN = 0xF0000000, (Instead of the 0x00000000)
Also, __FLASH = 0xF0000000.
I am using an external CF FLasher software.
Set the Target Configuration = M5282EVB(CFM)
FLASHBAR = 0xF0000000, BDM Communication = PE_LPT.
I erased the Flash contents and loaded the new program.
When i select Debug on the Codewarrior, it goes to the starting instruction of
asm_startmeup (On the codewarrior IDE, the instruction that is shown is ori.b #0x0,d0).
And then subsequently it jumps to the asm_exception_handler. Am i missing something?
Can you please help me out..
But, in the dBug Prompt when i say go 0xF0000F38 (which is the starting address of asm_startmeup), it displays the message :smileyhappy: