Roberto Dario

M52235EVB PHY:link always down

Discussion created by Roberto Dario on May 30, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2007 by Gregorio Lopez
I'm using M52235EVB with CW6.3SE.
I downloaded the 'ColdFire Lite TCP/IP Stack by InterNiche' but I can't get ethernet connection work.

Using the example project 'ColdFire_Lite.mcp' (with DEBUG_PRINT activated) I always receive on the UART0 console:
ePHY enabled - Waiting...............
@@@@ LINK IS DOWN @@@@

100bT Half Dup

External Reset
MCF5223 Rev. 0
Core Initialization Complete!
Chip ID: 4C
...(then the upper layers of TCP/IP start correctly and I get the prompt)

When the board is connected to a Switch the relative port LED remains off
When the board is connected to my PC (crossed UTP cable) LAN appears down.
Board PHY LED: all OFF except SPD (always ON)

Any suggestion?

Thank you