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[CW HC12 4.5] GDI Target has disaperead!

Question asked by Siryani Raphael on May 25, 2006
Latest reply on May 29, 2006 by Siryani Raphael

I have installed both CW HC12 4.5 and CW HC08 5.0 on my computer.
I am using a GDI Target Interface for CW HC12.

Everything worked well but, I have changed my target to Full Chip Simulation to do some tests and now, in the Set Connection menu, I can't find GDI Target Interface anymore.

Now, in the Component->Set Connection, I have for HC12 processor:
- Abatron BDI
- HCS12 Serial Monitor
- P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro
- Full Chip Simulation
- SofTech HCS12

I have tried to re-install CW HC12 and de-install CW HC08, I have tried to create a new projet but I still haven't the right menu (Set Target with the GDI Target choice).

I have the same problem with 2 computers.
I would like to know if somebody has the same problem and if you have some idea to solve it, you are welcome :smileywink:.

Thank you very much for your help!