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Wait() command using code warrior 3.1 SE

Question asked by Kris Shankar on May 25, 2006
Latest reply on May 25, 2006 by David Payne
Hi im Kris im a University student, quick background on my hardware. Im using the 13192 SARD development kit (GT60 MCU).

Just to familiarise myself with the chip and its functionality i have been attempting to write some code to turn the leds on then off in sequential order. I

n the codewarrior help there is a wait() command( wait(2000) = wait seconds) but im unsure what header file it requires (anyone know?)

Currently just for testing i use a delay function

void main(void) {
/*intialise hardware code is here*/
LED1=LED_ON; delay(500);
LED1=LED_OFF; delay(500);
/*same code till led 4 */
void delay(long int count){
long int i;
for (i=0;i

The code synatax is wrong because after i posted the code some formatiing option deleted stuff so ignore obvious mistakes in code.

Assuming I/O ports have been set in the header file(which they have) for some reason when i hold down PUSHBUTTON1 only LED1 flashes the rest dont even light up.

Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance

Regards Kris