Nicolas Raym

Pb on DEMO908QB8 with CW5.0 when flashing the HC908QB8 : error 48

Discussion created by Nicolas Raym on May 23, 2006
Latest reply on May 31, 2006 by Eckhard Gosch


After, i contacted the assistance, i try to obtain an answer on this forum about my problem.


I will need your assistance concerning a project in progress on the use of a chart DEMO908QB8.

It is that I often have a problem when I flash his memory, which seems well to proceed, until the moment when, I received the following message:

"CPROG08SZ Programmer"

Error 48 (about the memory protection)

I do not find anything on this subject in all the help files provided with code warrior (version 5).

I does not include/understand, because I had notched the opposite before the launching of the operation, while asking the utility not to protect the memory, but to authorize any obliteration at the time of the writing.

Could you guide me to leave this dead end?

Thank you in advance.