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Number of files limitation

Question asked by MIKE YETSKO on May 22, 2006
Latest reply on May 25, 2006 by MIKE YETSKO
OK, I REALLY need to get by the number of files limitation in CW.
I'm using the Special Edition, which limits you, but I'm writing totally in assembly, for the 9S12 with 128K of Flash.  I'm using all but 2 pages of Flash at this point.
I have two more modules I have to get done quickly, and that will fill up my part.
However, I'm now bumping the file limit wall.
Originally I used the 68HC11 part with a WaferScale expanion part.  With that part I kept everything as 'different programs', right down to the core.  Now with the 9S12 part, I've converted to a 'common core' and each of the 'program modules' that run use the common core, instead of having separate builds that do EVERYTHING but only each module.  Now my product brings up a menu on the screen and the user selects which program to run.
I did it that way since I had to redo how I used the flash (one page is data, and the 9S12 work differently from the Waferscale) and in the redesign I had to totally redo how all the I/O worked, like keypad, LCD, and external sensors and even the com port.  No big deal, the 9S12 with CodeWarrior made it surprisingly simple.  Not easy!  But much less of a headache than I expected.
However, as I'm closing in on the last two modules I find I still DO have an incredible headache.  The 32 file limit.  Now up to this point, I've been able to get rid of some of the headache by taking out of the mcp file the modules that are working, and the sub-modules that are unique to that module.  As I move routines into 'common' space and modified the modules to use the common space piece by piece.  It made the modules smaller, and gave me some commonality between the modules that helped things along. 
But now as I close in the last two, on a REAL tight schedule, I'm finding I need to be even more 'interactive' between the modules as I debug, and the 32 file limit is a ROYAL PAIN (PITA?  Am I allowed to say that here?)
So...  At what level do I have to 'pay' just to get that **bleep** 32 file limit out of my CW???