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replace dbug with Colilo on M5474LITE

Discussion created by Eric Kwok Ho Lee Employee on May 22, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2006 by Gianluca Salvador
Had problems - cannot replace dbug with Colilo from v2.6 LTIB BSP (200512xx.iso)
TARGET Board:  M5474Lite  (M5475AFE); recognized there is no NOR flash and no code flash.  Colilo must be in Boot Flash to replace dbug...
tried using dbug to load colilo_mcf5475.srec (tried both rebuilt on host and using the srec from the bsp '/images' directory) to RAM area first (go colilo at 1000400) and successfully saw a
 prompt came up, then tried to tftp colilo_mcf5475_only.bin to boot flash (image size = 65258 bytes)  and flash 0xff800000 0x1000, then go 0xff800400 and saw a couple of weird characters before the lines of "Colilo M547x-M548x Bootloader" and "2005 Freescale/2004 Motorola (c)" came up.  Then supposingly I reset the board and should see colilo come up after reset, but failed.
please see some other issues as in attachments