Richard Serge

CW IDE Too Talkative?

Discussion created by Richard Serge on May 21, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2006 by Bill Florac
Im using Codewarrior IDE v5 with the BDM P&E CyclonePro Debugger.

In the Edit-Compile-Load-Debug loop, when I hit the DEbug button I am flooded with a multitude of windows and dialog boxes before the debugger settles down and is ready for me to get going. Most of the text in those windows flies by so fast I can't read it anyway, but I'm getting better at that now that I've seen it 50,000 times.

So I guess what I'm asking is, does the IDE have a Quiet Mode where I can eliminate all the unnecessary window popping and have it just do it?

Yeah, I can pretty much guess at what the answer to that is, so maybe this should be filed under Feature Request rather than a forum question.

(I've already submitted a feature request for the ability to modify a single byte of flash from the debugger, and was told that will be included in the next IDE version. Yeah! That'll save a lot of time.)

I do have a more specific question about my topic though. When I hit the Debug button the first thing that pops up - after it appears to reload the entire debugger even though it's already running - is the IDC Connection Manager window, and at the top it says "You have selected to display this dialog on startup.", and to continue I must click the Connect button. I've looked everywhere to find where I selected that dialog to appear, and cannot find such a selection anywhere. Can someone tell me how do I turn that off?