Patrick Yam

eGUI 2.1 Kinetis MQX Examples - not working

Discussion created by Patrick Yam on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by Luis Casado

I finally got around to trying to get the new eGUI 2.1 Kinetis examples running on the K60 tower.

The Baremetal application builds, loads and runs just fine.


The MQX 3.6 example's file paths were all screwed up. I had to re-add all the files from their respective paths, in order for it to finally build. But the application loading does not work properly. It appears to, but the Baremetal application still runs instead.


The MQX 3.7 example had some bad paths in the compiler settings, simple to correct. It then builds, but loading the firmware to the K60 always produces an error:


First an exception window titled "Driver" pops- up (see attached file)


Then I check the Debug Log and it shows

Warning: Target inconsistency detected in Memory range 0x00000000-0x000003FD
Warning: Target inconsistency detected in Memory range 0x00000410-0x00017803

(see attached)


I am using IAR 6.1 and a PE Micro Multilink Universal debugger.

I need to get one of the MQX versions working, can anybody offer some assistance?


Regards, Patrick