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Discussion created by Esculapio Flores on May 15, 2006
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Hi guys!
I have several problems with DS1307 programming.
First, it would seem that the information appearing on my LCD screen does not match with the information programmed within the code.
I put by default the following:
 Seconds = 0;
 Minutes = 0x10;
 Hours = 0x12;
 Day = 4;      // day of week;
 Date = 0x11;
 Month = 5;
 Year = 6;
When it starts up On the LCD appears like this:
H: 18 m: 16: s:00 ------->.I think this not OK.
Second ,the seconds remain updating but do not stop when it reachs up to 59 seconds.It remains counting to 80 seconds and minutes do not increment.--->
why is it?
Third, how should be the hardware configured for proper working?.I pulled up the SDA pin at PORT C of 68HC908GP32.
If someone needs the code that I`m talking about to be able tocheck it out,please tell me.
Thank you so much!.