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uTasker allows simple upgrade from NE64 to Coldfire M5223X

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on May 14, 2006
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Hi All
I have just put a demo of the new Coldfire (M52235EVB) on-line.
The demo project runs on the NE64 and also on the Coldfire, allowing upgrades from the NE64 to the Coldfire by simply changing a compiler define.
Contact the demo project at
and see the board via web cam at
The demo (using uTasker Operating system with integrated TCP/IP stack) allows you to type in your email address and it sends you a welcome mail. It allows control of the LEDs on the EVB on the I/O web page and allows various setups and statistic monitoring on other web pages.

It also supports FTP (for loading and changing web pages) and TELNET (with an example menu control of various set-ups). Try it and see what you think.
The Coldfire is available as samples and on EVB and Demo boards. It comes with a 128k limited ColdWarrior version and BDM for as little as $99 for the demo board. (See freescale anouncements and seminar details).

The demo project occupies about 64k FLASH on the Coldfire, so the evaluation CodeWarrior version is adequate for powerful projects!!
By the way, the uTasker is free for educational and hobby use - including free email support - and is available for MC9S12NE64 and the new Coldfire M5223X family (swap and change projects with a simple define!!). The uTasker real-time simulator alone reduces real development times by over 60%.
A commercial, royalty free project license costs $485 incl. 3 months personal email support and pays for itself in a day. The NE64 project comes as ready-to-run IAR, GNU or CODEWARRIOR project and the COLDFIRE project comes as ready-to-run CODEWARRIOR project.
See the simple licensing terms (with application for free educational license) here:
To learn about the operating system basics, see the following document:
A tutorial can be found her, including code size comparisons between various compilers:
If you like what you see or have any questions, simply contact me!
Mark Butcher