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Summary of issues with CW, P&E BDM debugger & Cyclone Pro

Discussion created by Richard Serge on May 14, 2006
Latest reply on May 16, 2006 by Richard Serge
After this post I guess I'll quit posting about my issues with CodeWarrior's IDE. It's strange that I've not had one reply from anyone using this configuration for code development. Surely I'm not the only one taking this route. But anyway, after days of toiling with this thing, here is a summary of what's stopping me from making any headway. I get identical results from two systems, one running XP Home and the other XP Pro.
1. In a fresh debugging session, with no breakpoints, continuously hitting Start/Cont and Halt results in the command window stating that "Frequency change to ~xxxxxx." every time the target is halted, where xxxx alternates between approx 4MHz and 8MHz. Eventually there is a pause and then all target registers are filled with ones, even the PC ($FFFF). The only way to recover is to reset the target system which kills the debugging session you are in. This issue pretty much renders the debugger useless.

2. Placing 3 breakpoints (not at consecutive instructions) works, until the 2nd one is removed and another one is placed prior to the 1st one. After that, what was the 1st breakpoint is never executed although the debugger still has the breakpoint marker (red arrow) showing at that location in the Source window. (This is probably the 2nd most serious issue, since it can and would lead to erroneous conclusions when debugging code!)

3. Placing 2 breakpoints at 2 consecutive instructions does not work. The second is skipped, and after hitting the Start button several times a dialog pops up saying the BP could not be set. Then, once both are removed the second stays active even though it is not marked as active (red arrow) in the Source window. Resetting the target system does not correct this. Quitting & restarting the debugger does.

4. Although only 3 breakpoints are allowed, the debugger gladly allows setting more than 3. Only when the code is run are you told that the debugger could not set a breakpoint (doesn't say why). After removing the 4th breakpoint and hitting Start/Cont button one or more times, the system pauses then stops with the message in the command window "Trigger A & B occurred", even though no such trigger conditions had been set. Furthermore, the target system is shown with all ones in every register, even the PC ($FFFF). The only way to recover is to reset the target system which kills the debugging session you are in.

5. Setting a trigger address A in the Data window causes a halt when the address is accessed, as expected, but no trace data appears in the Trace window. Setting a trigger address B in the Data window works (memory read/write data does appear in the Trace window).

6. Right-clicking on the Memory window brings up the pop-up menu, but the menu does not contain any options to choose triggers (as shown in Freescale app note AN2596). Trigger options DO appear when right-clicking the Data window. This used to work but after an hour or so of using the debugger it no longer does, even after a power down / power up of everything.

7. When starting a new debugging session the debugger cannot find the CyclonePro, and gives the suggestion to unplug the usb cable temporarily and try again. This works but is becoming quite annoying.... it should remember how it found the Cyclone from the last run.

8. When entering the debugger after a recompile, the debugger runs my target program automatically. I cannot find the option to make this not happen.