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Breakpoints Using CyclonePro & S08QG8

Discussion created by Richard Serge on May 12, 2006
Latest reply on May 13, 2006 by Richard Serge
I posted this on P&E forums but I don't think anyone is home over there, so hopefully someone here can give me some help.

I'm using CodeWarrior Development Studio vers 5.7.0, debugger is BDM P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro, vers 6.1. Here is my question, copied from my post at P&E:

I'm taking my first test drive with a CyclonePro connected via USB to my QG8 hardware via the BDM port. I've got the default ASM file loaded and I've inserted a string of NOPs and an instruction to increment a memory location (just to see if it's really doing something). Sure enough, if I single-step or halt it, it really is working!

So now I try setting a breakpoint.... or two or three. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. One breakpoint always seems to work but when I start adding more things start getting weird. Weird, as in not stopping at a breakpoint even though that little red pointy arrow says there's one there. Weird as in saying "Could not set the hardware breakpoint at address $E00F", immediately followed by "Was not able to set the breakpoint at $E00F". (I think it knows I learn best by repetitive & redundant error messages.) Weird as in stopping at a breakpoint that I have previously inserted and then removed.

So before I go spinning my wheels trying to figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong I would like to ask for some advice here.

What is the thing I need to do to make sure that breakpoints I've set really are there? (This question is most important of all, since if I can't trust it to stop at my breakpoint then I'll never be able to debug my code with any confidence at all.)

What am I doing that causes it to complain that it cannot set a breakpoint?

How can I make it forget about a breakpoint that I once had but have since removed?

I'd really appreciate some feedback from P&E or anyone who has experience in using the CyclonePro with the BGM.