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SD Card on the Kinetis Tower board

Discussion created by uTasker uTasker on Apr 9, 2011
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Hi All


The SD card is connected to the Kinetis via the SD card controller interface. However, I wanted to operate the SD card via simple SPI but found the following problem:

- The Kinetis pins which multiplex with either the SD card controller or SPI1 are not connected correctly. The one that should be sending data to the card is multiplexed with the SPI MISO and the one that should read from the card is multiplexed with the SPI MOSI (TX with TX and RX with RX).

- When working with the SD card controller is is not a problem but in order to work in SPI mode the SD card pins 2 and 7 need to be swapped on the Kinetis tower board

- Note that this is not an error with the board but I suspect that it is an error in the pin multiplexing in the K60 part where the two have been mistakenly swapped, thus losing the compatibility between the two modes.

In any case, if you are planning to work in SPI mode with the local SD card the board change is needed.

There is a microSD card on the LCD extension board and I will be trying this next since it would be a better alternative to test the SPI mode without needing the board fix.