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which one to use

Question asked by Trevor Switkowski on May 10, 2006
Latest reply on May 16, 2006 by Alban Rampon
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me choose a simple 8 bit micro. I want to design a simple system, one that debounces a pushbutton, and then and upon the first press, it signals a voltage regulator to turn on, for the rest of my system. this micro will also be sending a signal to my main processor when the next keypress happens (power down). The main processor will then send a signal back to this 8 bit micro to tell it to go ahead and shut down the voltage regulator. so basically, it needs:

an input for the switch
an input from the main processor
an output to the main processor
an output to the voltage regulator

Also, I wouldn't mind it to have its own voltage regulator, oscillator, and hopefully some sort of timer as well (not watchdog).
Low power modes would be nice (if i could scale down the internal oscillator, this would be good), since most of the time the proc will be idle. I will likely only need to be operating in the 10s of kHz range, no need for anything faster.

I would also like the development tools (cables,software,etc) to be cheap.

any suggestions? are there any app notes out there that covers a topic similar to this one?

thanks in advance,

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