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Discussion created by Steve Mcaslan Employee on May 9, 2006
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Hello everyone,
  As some of you may have seen, today we announced a new member of the S12X family - the MC9S12XEP100.  (If you missed the announcement: see here & here)
  While it is still early days for the product, some of you may be interested in its features for future projects. With this in mind, we'd like to gather any queries you have into a single thread so that we can correct any problems with the initial information and identify opportunities to create materials that will help with the design-in process.
   AN3234 compares the S12XE with the S12XD and is a good place to start finding out about this new MCU. There's also a flash summary and the full databook. We'd encourage you to post any technical questions that you have here and we'll do our best to answer those and sort out any issues with the published information.

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