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Reading target memory using Microsoft COM objects

Discussion created by Joel Eriksson on May 9, 2006
Latest reply on May 12, 2006 by Marc Paquette
How do I use the ReadMemory method of the ICodeWarriorDebuggerProcess interface in order to read the target memory? How does the accessKind parameter work? I have read the IDE Automation Guide but it only explains a few COM interfaces of CodeWarrior.
This is my VBScript code (last line is not working):
' VB Script Documentoption explicitDim oCWDim oDebuggerDim oDebuggerThreadDim oDebuggerProcessDim oMemDim sizeSet oCW = CreateObject("CodeWarrior.CodeWarriorApp")Set oDebugger = oCW.DebuggerSet oDebuggerThread = oDebugger.CurrentThreadSet oDebuggerProcess = oDebuggerThread.Process' Read first 100 bytes, but how to interpret accessKind—Set oMem = oDebuggerProcess.ReadMemory(0,100,"")

Joel Eriksson