Toussaint Ottavi

HCS08 : 3.3v MCU and 5v logic ?

Discussion created by Toussaint Ottavi on May 8, 2006
Latest reply on May 21, 2006 by Toussaint Ottavi

I'm a brand new user of HCS08 family (HCS08QG8). This MCU is running at 3.3v, and I have no experience about how to connect 5v peripherals. I was previously using HC11 at 5v.

I read lots of things about 5v-tolerant inputs, direct-driving of 5v inputs from 3.3v outputs, and various level converters (74LVC, 74ALVT, etc...) As I'm completely novice with 3.3v logic, could someone point me out some kind of tutorial or 3.3v beginner's guide in relation with HCS08 MCU ?

Also, are there anny Application Notes about that ?

Thank you in advance,
Toussaint OTTAVI