Jarek Walter

CW V5.0 hiwave.exe hangs up while using HC08

Discussion created by Jarek Walter on May 7, 2006
Latest reply on May 15, 2006 by Jarek Walter
Hello everyone,
I.m so frustrated  - I'm using CW V5.0 for developing my project for HC908GP32 chip. I would like to debug it with Full Chip Simulation, hovever IDE hangs up  displaying the msg - loading target.
I traced problem to hiwave.exe. Even if the simulator is used in is stand alone mode (double click on hiwave.exe), the problem occurs if HC08 processor is selected in Set Connection panel. However, for HCS08 processor everything works fine.
Do any one of you experienced this problem? Is is just my PC or is is problem with Special Edition of CW V5.0.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.