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Confusion about Elevator Boards

Discussion created by HAL9000 HAL9000 on Mar 24, 2011
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we recently received a Tower kit with two CPU modules (TWR-MCF51N128 and TWR-MCF5441X), a serial module and two Elevator Boards (Primary and Secondary Elevator Board, TWR-ELEV PRIMARY, TWR-ELEV SECONDARY ).


The Secondary Elevator Board apparantly connects the Tower bus signals of the module connectors to each other and also has expansion port connectors on the back side, so the main difference to the primary elevator board seems to be the power supply circuit and the USB jack which can be found on the primary elevator only.


According to Freescale, the elevator boards are also available seperately, as "TWR-ELEV" kit and according to the product description on their website:




the kit comprises a "functional" board and a "dummy" board, which does not provide any interconnections between the module connectors, except ground connections.

This information is also conistent with the provided schematics.


However, the elevator boards described there are obviously not identical to those that we received with our kit.


So what's up here?


- Is the "dummy" elevator board an old product that was replaced by the secodary elevator board and the Freescale guys just failed to update their product information?


-Or does the TWR-ELEV actually ship with a functional and a dummy board, while the other kits ship with a different set of elevator boards?


We need to order two more kits of elevator boards for production testing of our peripheral tower module (providing Real Time Ethernet / DeviceNet connectivity via Flexbus DPM interface) and since we also use signals on the secondary board we definitely need Elevator Boards identical to those we already have and would have no use for "dummy" boards. I just want to make sure that we will actually get what we need before ordering the boards.


Hopefully there are any experts here, that can help to clarify the situation.