L Cheng

Can't Flash Programming my 13192-EVB

Discussion created by L Cheng on May 7, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2006 by reundo
 Just got my 13193EVK Kit. 
Trying to run the 'Range Demo Plus' Demo on 13192EVB boards as described in the User's Guide.  But when I power on the 13192EVB boards (2 of my 3  boards), not all four LEDs are on.  According to the User's Guide, this means that the PTC application is not on the board.  So I tried to use the Embedded Bootloader to load it.   I followed the procedures described in the User's Guide ( section 5.7.2) :
   hold down all four buttons ( S1-S4 ), press and release the Reset button, then release the 4 buttons,
   But the 4 LEDs just blink once ( not staying ON ).
  Please help.