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CW 10.1 for TWR-LCD and MCF51CN128

Discussion created by Erich Styger on Mar 19, 2011


I have finally ported my Processor Expert to MCU10.1 with all the components. Now it includes as well the USB bootloader as component :-).

The archive contains 3 projects: one for the MCF51CN128, one for the TWR-LCD MCF51JM128 both as standalone and with bootloader enabled, and one project to build the USB bootloader. The archive contains a documentation pdf which should give you more information, and the needed Processor Expert components are inside the TWR-LCD JM128 project as *.PEupd file.



- nearly everything made from components, so you can graphically configure the software

- USB bootloader, FatFS SD card driver, FreeRTOS operating system, ...

- Graphical UI (screen, window, dialog, buttons, lines, graphs, fonts, text, drop down boxes, check boxes, calendar view, ...)

- Button and navigation switch support, as well routing navigation switch messages from the JM128 to the CN128

- UI demo with accelerometer changing the screen at runtime (CN128), touchscreen calibration, RTOS task list, 3D graphic demo, ...


Have fun :-)


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