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Help with AN 2720

Discussion created by Timothy Milliken on May 4, 2006
Latest reply on May 21, 2006 by Timothy Milliken
I am trying to use the AN2720 as a flash bootloader to reprog. the HC12 in the feild. I understand all of the code fine, but what I am unclear about is a few things. 1 the flash.h file is left out of the An2720SW.zip but I was able to snip it from the pdf file. 2 There is a struct missing somewhere that I am not sure how to construct it. The following code snipit uses that struct
Flash.fclkdiv.byte = Flash.fclkdiv.byte | fclk_val;
That is cut straighe from the flash.c file. So where is that struc defined at?
I am using the MC9s12DJ64. I have looked at other methods of erasing ans reprogramming the flash but this seems to be the most straight foward if I can figure out that struct. Thanks for any help.