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Debugger error

Discussion created by Iñigo Garmendia on May 4, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by Renjith G
We are programing Freescale 56F8357 DSP in Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE.
Our problem, derives from 2 Code Warrior IDE versions that we are using. Until now, we are working with two licenses:
- One fix license: CodeWarrior 56800/E Hybrid Controllers version 6.1.2
- Another floating license: CodeWarrior 56800/E Hybrid Controllers version 7.0
Up to now, we have debugged a program "bootloader.c" in version 6.1.2 without problems. But now, we have tried to debug using version 7.0 and we don´t arrive. Each time that we try to debug (we have Compiled and "Make" without problems), it appears a message saying "CCSProtocolPluging. CCS: Invalid Parameter".
We have changed our parallel port in CCS console (we have put address 0x0378) and message from CodeWarrior debugging has changed: "CCSProtocolPlugin: Unknown protocol error".
But after accepting this message, it appears again the message: "CCSProtocolPluging. CCS: Invalid Parameter".
- What could we do? What could be the solution for this problem?

We will really thank you your help with this item.