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TWR-MCF5441x Flash Programming

Discussion created by Roger Steger on Mar 16, 2011

Dear all,


I’m trying to program the nand flash device on the tower board TWR-MCF5441X. The example from MQX folder nandflash should do a read, a write and an erasing cycle. But it doesn’t work…

I got following print out on the Com Port:


NAND Flash device nandflash: opened
Obtaining NAND Flash organization data ...

ID:                                          0x2cea80d5
Physical page size:                  2048 bytes
Spare area size:                       64 bytes
Block size:                              131072 bytes
Number of blocks:                    2048
Width:                                     16
Number of virtual pages:            524288
Virtual page size:                     512 bytes

Erasing block #0 passed.
Writing data to first 8 virtual pages of block #0 ...
(Test write data to Flash: 15, write Size: 8, Resulted write size: 50)

Reading data back from first 8 virtual pages of block #0 ...
Failed (Test Read from Flash: 1140878640, Readsize: -1)
Comparing data ...

Erasing entire chip ... Failed
Checking block #1 failed.

NAND Flash closed.

The italic text in brackets is an additional print out to debug the issue. As seen above, when I write 15 to the flash with a size of 8 I get a result of 50 from the function. The read cycle as well looks irregular.

Is anybody able to program the nand flash on the tower board TWR-MCF5441X? Do I have to initialize the flash first? Thank you in advance for any advice!

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I’m using following environment:

- Tower Board TWR-MCF5441X

- CodeWarrior for Microcontroller MCU v10

- Freescale MQX 3.62

- (Patch)

- Freescale MQXOS_3_6_2_MCF54418_PATCH (Patch)

- P&E Micro USB Multilink

- Windows 7 (32 bit)