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5272 USB

Discussion created by Narayan Krishnamurthy on May 3, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by Ashwin Bhamburkar
I have a 5272 USB question. I have proprietary board with 5272 USB D+ and D- connected to a SMC Hub chip. While debugging one particular board, I see that when Host sends a message to the CF via the hub, sometimes the OUT token is neither ACked nor NAKed. The Host sends out the same packet again and consequently I get two EOT's from the Coldfire. I do not see this issue when I circumvent the hub. But before I get the hub manufacturers involved , I wanted to know
1) On what conditions can the 5272 neither send out a NAK or an ACK?
2) Why do I get two EOT's?
Thanks in advance for any insight.
-Narayan AK