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TWR-MCF51MM (ECG capturing) Lab 1 (data route via serial instead of USB)

Discussion created by win fai on Mar 9, 2011

Hi all,


I am winfai. I have trouble in doing lab 1 of TWR-MCF51MM kits. The product link is as follow


TWR-MCF51MM kits consists of MED-ECG,  TWR-ELEV, TWR-MCF51MM and TWR-SER. In lab 1, it is something about capturing the ECG signal using MED-ECG and the tower system and the data will route via the USB cable to PC to display. I would like to do it in another way, the ECG data will send to PC via RS232 (serial port) on TWR-SER instead of USB port. I notice that the coding for lab 1 contain of USB stack, but no any SCI code. What can i do to allow the ECG data to route via serial cable??? I already working on this for more than one month but no progress on it..... can someone advice me??? What should i do to allow the data route via serial cable?? How can i modify the coding in this lab???


My another concern is can i use USB to RS232 converter which plug at the USB and then the data can route via serial port??? There are two attachment file below, ECG for MCF51MM.rar is the original file whereas for ECG for MCF51MM no stack.rar is the file that has removed all the USB stack within the coding... Add SCI module manually in the Lab 1 of TWR.doc is the draft that i make to include the SCI driver in the coding, but i am not sure whether it can work a not.... Can anyone help me to include the SCI driver in MCF51MM no stack.rar and give comments on me???


My Idea


MED-ECG>>>> TWR-MCF51MM>>> TWR-SER>>>>serial cable (RS232)>>>>PC



Lab 1

MED-ECG>>>> TWR-MCF51MM>>> TWR-SER>>>>USBcable)>>>>PC


thanks in advance.... really appreciate for any reply here. Thank you