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printf function for M5213evb

Discussion created by Trevor Switkowski on Apr 30, 2006
Latest reply on May 2, 2006 by CrasyCat
hey all,

I am trying to get the printf function to work with my project. I have created a project a while back, which includes interrupts, and when i have included the files required to set interrupt handlers, the printf function no longer works. I tried to use one of the example projects (power test program) recently, and through a few changes to my code and directories, i almost have it compiled. however, now i get an error in one of my functions, during linking, that says:

Link Error : Undefined : "__clear"
Referenced from "check_quadrature" in main.cpp

Link failed.

where my functions has this:

void check_quadrature(void)
uint16 sending[] = {0xF010,0xFFFF}; /* sending data */
uint16 receive[16]; /* data to receive */
uint16 chipselects[] = {0,0}; /* each chip select per data*/
// selectChannel = 0;
activeChannel = 31;
MCF_GPIO_PORTUB = selectChannel;

QSPITransferCommand(&chipselects[0], sizeof(chipselects)/sizeof(uint16));
QSPITransferData(&sending[0],&receive[0], sizeof(sending)/sizeof(uint16));

; //sit in this loop:boring!

now, this works in my old project, but here, in the new one, it will not link properly. does anyone know why this might be happening, and how to fix it?

also, is there some setting somewhere, or some group of files that i can use to get this to work? this is getting to be crazy!