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Can't program 56F8166 "Core not responding".

Question asked by Alfredo Cabral on Apr 30, 2006
Latest reply on May 24, 2006 by Feng Wang
Hi, I've been trying to program a 56F8166, I'm using the circuit in the 56F8367EVM except for the first buffer that I replaced for a 74LCX244 (footprint issue =S), While trying to program with the codewarrior I can see every single JTAG line getting to the chip, but the DSP only answers by sending the time to low three times. right after I get the "Core not responding" error from codewarrior.
So Far I've verfified the following:
-Current consumption is around 140mA.
-The chip is oscillating at 8Mhz.
-Every VDDIO line has 3.3V
-Every ground is connected.
-OCRDIS is 3.3V and I have an external 2.5V regulator conected to the four VCAP pines with 2.2uF each.
-The PLL filter is in place(However this isnt required by the program so far).
If you guys have any ideas or had a similar problem please let me know,
Thank you.