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Serial Monitor download problem

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Apr 29, 2006
Latest reply on May 15, 2006 by Mark Butcher
Hi All
I am using the CodeWarrior IDE to download a non-banked project to FLASH via the serial monitor and have two problems:
1. It doesn't seem possible to protect a page in FLASH containing configuration data. During download all FLASH is first erased and the new program is loaded. This means that all configuration parameters stored in a certain memory page are lost at each download and have to be restored before testing can continue.
Has any one else had such an issue and found a work-around?
2. I have a non-banked design where the program uses code from 0x4000 in a linear manor up to 0xffff. As soon as it actually tries to download code to the region 0x8000..0x8200 it fails [the error message which appears says ELF LOADER "No memory at this address"].
If I ensure that the code avoids the 0x8000..0xbfff region (it can be between 0xc000 and 0xfff) it works fine.
Does anyone know what is wrong and if there is a solution? I am presently having to download using a different tool and debugging in the CodeWarrior environment is not possible since the symbol load (I have disabled the FLASH load) fails.
By the way I am using CodeWarrior 3.1 which I received with my DEMO9S12NE64. It is possible that there restrictions have been resolved in newer versions - does any one know more?
Best regards
Mark Butcher