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Unable to link , please help .

Discussion created by Sudip Chattopadhyay on Apr 29, 2006
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Hii everybody,
This is my first post in this forum .
I am  new to motorola controllers  and  code warrior IDE using C. I am using a math function asin() from the standered C library.
when ever I compile my code , I get  a link error . can any body there to say how to overcome.
I am sorry for my silly problem.     Thanks  in advance.
following is the simplified programme which demonstrates  my problem.
  #include <hidef.h>    /* for EnableInterrupts macro */
   #include <MC68HC908QY4.h>    /* include peripheral declarations */
   #include <math.h>
  float  asinf (float x); 
  float x,y;
   void main(void)
     y= asinf(x);

Errors & warnings
Link Error   : L1822: Symbol asinf in file E:\mot_test\test3\math1\math1_Data\P&E_FCS\ObjectCode\main.c.o is undefined

Link Error   : Link failed