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52259 MQX eGUI demo with TWR-LCD - touchscreen and 65536 color mode ?

Discussion created by Patrick Yam on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by Patrick Yam
I am working with the demo found in



I made the necessary BSP changes to support the touchscreen, and currently have the TWR-LCD running in FlexBus mode. The demo runs ok but there are some issues with touchscreen calibration.


Sometimes touches register all by themselves and sometimes when I am deliberately touch the + points they don't produce the correct (x,y) values or respond.

I have pulled the jumpers on J7 so that the accelerometer and pot do not interfere.

After a few tries to calibrate sometimes it work and then goes on to run the demo.

Anyone know if there is a bug in the driver or something?


Anyway, I learned to live with that for now and moved on to putting up my own bitmaps and buttons. I have used the Freescale Embedded GUI Converter Utility 2.0 to convert some images in to the C arrays.

I really want to display some images in 65536 colors, so I make sure that 65536 color mode is selected, Byte output data and Compression is ON.


In d4d_user_cfg.h I enable 65536 bitmap decoding:

// 65k colors bitmap without pallete


The 65536 color image is not displayed, just an outline of where it would be is showing.

I have converted the exact image to 256 colors and that shows up fine.

What the heck?


Also is 4096 color mode even supported by eGUI? It's in the tool but there does not seem to be any decoders.


I really need to get these things working so any advice would be great.


Thanks, Patrick